Annual Plan 2020-2021

Annual Plan 2020-2021

No. Title Brief Description Expected Issue Date
1 General Maintenance Services of Building and Facilities at KIPIC (Services) To provide Civil, Electrical & Mechanical general maintenance & modifications to buildings & Facilities of KIPIC
2 Road, Landscape, Irrigation, Cleaning & Associated Services at Al-Zour and Other Locations (Services) To provide Roads, landscape, cleaning & pest control services to KIPIC facilities
3 Office Management Services at Company Premises (Services) To provide office cleaning, mail, messenger, courier services, stationary, archiving & GIS operations to all KIPIC facilities
4 Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Office Furniture at KIPIC Offices (Services) To provide new office furniture and maintenance to KIPIC office buildings
5 Lighting decoration works at Al-Zour area for National & Liberation day (Works) Lighting decoration works at Al-Zour area for National day & Liberation Day and any other occasions.
6 Transportation of petroleum / petroleum mix products via fuel road tankers from Ahmadi to KIPIC facilities at Al-Zour (Services) To provide transportation services for fuel from Ahmadi to KIPIC facilities at Al-Zour
7 Construction of KIPIC multi-purpose hall in Al-Zour (Works) Construction of KIPIC Multi-Purpose Hall including complete structural design, KIPIC branding, preparation of working drawings for all works but not limited to Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, IT/LAN and Telecom Works, Fire alarm system, Audio visual systems, CCTV system, Firefighting systems and associated works.
8 Special Media & Multimedia Services for LNGI Safety Campaign (Services ) KIPIC is in the development process of building the largest Liquefied Natural Gas Import facility in the world in Al Zour Area South of Kuwait. The project site is constantly being endangered by trespassing and reckless jet ski riders who cross the embargoed territory and come in close vicinity. This reckless behavior is affecting the progress of the project and there is a real danger of asset damage. KIPIC seeks to launch a targeted awareness campaign to limit trespassing and inform the youth of the consequences of their actions. Campaign Timeline: June – till August end Key factors: 1. Campaign should target jet ski riders 2. Campaign should use platforms that appeal to the target audience. 3. Campaign should be emotional and impactful 4. Utilize influential figures to send the powerful messages
9 Media & Multimedia Long Term Contract (Services ) KIPIC’s PR & Information Team seeks to sign a contract with a competent media company to provide the multimedia services that include production of short movies that can be used for internal media campaigns, incorporating editing, any of the following techniques: 3D, animation, stop motion…etc. The contract will also include producing KIPIC’s podcasts with the editing, music and finishing service. Deliverables: 1. professional video shooting with a high standard equipment’s (camera, lens, mic, Arial…) 2. Provide digital video projects with Special techniques (animation, illustration , Stop motion, 2D, 3D, graphics, Digital video) 3. Proficiency in Final Cut Pro X, Premiere, and After Effects with the ability to efficiently navigate projects. 4. Professional Video & audio Editing 5. Provide Royalty free music options. 6. Podcast production with all equipment and software required
10 Urban Guide to Kuwait book (Services ) In implementation of KIPIC’s mission statement to make more possible, KIPIC seeks to produce the first urban coffee book of its kinds documenting the New Kuwait mega projects and the teams behind them, the grassroot movements and capturing Kuwaiti talents in all realms. The book will be a showcase of Kuwaiti talents and unearthing the hidden gems our beloved country boasts of. Through the coffee book, we will profile the budding and established Kuwaiti talents include a description of their work as well as produce a supporting cinematic interpretation of their work. Details: The project will include bilingual editorial, copywriting, photography, filmography, design, research, fact checking, translation, creative design, digital marketing and printing.
11 LONG Term Printing (Services ) All Printing Services (HSSE CEO Book, Anniversary report ,etc.- BOOK Supplement - Annual Report (Arabic / English)- VIP Cover / Box - Extras - Sustainability Report (Arabic / English)- A4 Calendar-Wall Calendar - Desk Planner w/box Ramadan Emsakiya - VIP Annual Agenda with Box - Roll up - Certificates - Brochure - Poster - Banner - Stick It Note - Paper Folder - Certificate Folder - Invitation Card with Envelope - Bags / Small+ Medium +Large + Extar Large ...etc
12 Documentary (Services ) A documentary film is a non-fictional, motion picture intended to "document reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction, education, or maintaining a historical record". Documentary has been described as "a filmmaking practice, a cinematic tradition, and mode of audience reception that is continually evolving and is without clear boundaries".
13 Branding location (Services ) Formulate project goals (vision, mission, objectives); Analyze current place brand (perceived identity and image, and projected image); Design place brand essence; Implement new place brand; Monitor the place brand.
14 CATERING & OTHER RELATED SERVICES (Services) Catering & Other Related Services Contract Shall provide Food for KIPIC's Top Management & Employees, which shall be prepared within KIPIC's Central Kitchen
15 BUSINESS TRAVEL SERVICES (Services) Business Travel Services Contract shall continue to provide Travel Related Services for KIPIC Employees for their Duty and Training Trips to various destinations, and to provide travel services for KIPIC Employees & their families for their personal trips.
16 Project Management and Consultancy Services for AI-Zour LNGI Project, Kuwait (Services) PMC Contract
17 Alternate Feed Stream to HPU (Procurement, Works and Services) Al Zour HPU unit was designed to produce hydrogen to be used in the DHTU, KHTU, NHTU and ARDS units. The EPC for HPU consists of 4 identical trains with a nominal hydrogen producing capacity of 145 MMSCFD, utilizing a steam reforming to generate hydrogen.
18 Proposal of Permanent Maintenance Buildings for Maintenance Group (Service) FEED and Detailed Engineering to design and construct permanent site offices (instead of temporary shelters provided by maintenance contractors) to be used by maintenance contractors and KIPIC maintenance site engineers.
19 Laying of Submarine Power Cable from Onshore LNGI to Main Electrical Substation (Service) Feasibility study to design laying of a new 33KV Power Cable from LNGI Main Electrical Substation 70-55-01 to Sea Island Substation 93-55-01 to enhance reliability of power and minimize Power Consumption Cost.
20 Alternative Power supply 132kV to ZOR Main Incoming Substation (Procurement, Works and Services) • As per MEW, the reliability of current arrangement of power supply from 300 kV AI-Zour South Power Station (ZSPS) to AI-Zour Refinery (ZOR) is reliable for at least five years to supply the required power to ZOR. • MEW recommended to have an alternate power supply from Khairan-Z Substation to ZOR. • To enhance the power supply reliability to Al Zour Refinery, it is intended to proceed with and EPC to implement this work as recommended by MEW.
21 Construction of a new fire station (NFS) and training center for firefighters in Al-Zour (FFTC) (Procurement, Works and Services) • AI-Zour Refinery is being built with a Fire Station in the West end of the plot, where the location of the station is very remote to certain areas of the Refinery and the travel time to those areas exceed safe limits. • New Fire Station was decided to be built to ensure that the 'Travel Time' to any location is reduced to meet the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) norms. Currently PMC has selected local consultant to carryout FEED & Detail Engineering. Accordingly, this is an EPC project. • In addition, under this EPC a Training facility for training professional Fire Fighters will be built to ensure the professional competence of Fire Fighters are maintained to NFPA professional qualification requirements.
22 Rehabilitation of 300kV GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear) Inside 300kV (Procurement, Works and Services) Initiation of EPC project for Rehabilitation of 300 KV GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear) Inside Al-Zour South Power Station (300KV Main Substation). This project is not related to Al-Zour Refinery and its operation, but it is MEW standalone project.
23 ARDS Creep Study (Service) • ZOR refinery is designed to produce 225,000 BPD of 1.0% wt. Sulphur, Low Sulphur fuel oil (LSFO) for MEW. • Extension of planned shutdown more than 30 days due to any unavoidable reason can lead to excess Atmospheric residue generation (~30.4KBPD). This accumulated AR cannot be processed fully before the next ARDS train planned shutdown date and will lead to CDU throughput reduction. • In view of this, it is required to feasibility the ZOR-ARDS unit capacity above design limit by the existing ARDS Licensor (CLG).
24 Appointment of KIPIC (Borrowers’) Environmental and Social Independent Advisor (ESIA) for PRIZE project in case of ECA financing. (Service) • This consultancy work is a pre-financing requirement in case of ECA financing. • The main goal of the ESIA is to provide the Borrower with the basis for ensuring the Project is designed and operated in accordance with the Borrower’s E&S objectives as well as providing prospective lenders with the essential environmental and social due diligence information, and more specifically an ESIA that meets International Finance Corporation’s (“IFC”) Performance Standards (“PSs”), IFC Environmental, Health and Safety (“EHS”) Guidelines, Equator Principles (“EPs”) in addition to Sector Guidelines and OECD Common Approaches.
25 Virtual Data Room for PRIZE financing (Service) • VDR is required for sharing data with financiers of PRIZE project. • As Local and International financing options are explored, separate VDRs may be required for Local and International financiers. • VDR will be used from the structuring phase for closing of the financing.
26 Appointment of KIPIC Legal Counsel for International / ECA financing - PRIZE Project. (Service) Consulting service to assist KIPIC with all the legal aspects for International / ECA financing.
27 Appointment of Independent Environmental and Social (“E&S”) Consultant for PRIZE facility - Monitoring Purposes during Construction and Operation Phase (Service) • To fulfil the financing obligations requirements as per the Common Terms Agreement (CTA) with lenders, contract will be for two years and consultant need to be reappointed every two years till the loan is completely repaid. • Consultant will advise the ECA and Lenders with respect to environmental and social compliance of PRIZE facility.
28 KIPIC 2040 Strategy Update (Service) Consultancy service to develop KIPIC revised 2040 strategic Plan including financial projection and Implementation Roadmap.
29 Licensing/ Upgrading and Training on Kuwait Gas Network Model (Service) Licensing Kuwait Net Gas model to mitigate and predict system failure
30 Update ZOR Refinery LP model after commissioning and develop Integrated Refinery LP Model with Petrochemical projects (Service) Update LP Model basis on the integrated projects & Perform production planning.
31 Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 3D Field Operator Training Simulator (Services) 3-D Field Simulator Contractor shall be responsible to: - Provide Functional Design Specification (FDS) of 3D OTS (Hardware & Software), Procurement/Development of 3D OTS - Installation, setup and configuration of the hardware. - Integration with existing OTS. - Implementation, commissioning, documentation and training.
32 Online Access to International Codes and Standards for KIPIC (Services) Current contract for access to International Codes and Standards for KIPIC Employees commenced in Aug. 2017 for duration of 3 years. The contract will expire in Sep 2020. KIPIC is planning to float tender for continuity of services and duration of the new contract is expected to be for 4 years.
33 Consultancy for Unified Standards development for downstream sector (Services) KIPIC is in the process of developing Company's Own Unified Standards for the domestic downstream sector for execution of future projects. Accordingly, we are planning to float Tender for ‘Consultancy for Standards Development’.
34 Anti-Foam (Procurement) For EPC 55A Process Units
35 Food Grade Hypochlorite solution (Procurement) Water Systems U-62
36 12% Sodium Hypochlorite (Procurement) Cooling Water U-63, Waste Water Treatment U-76
37 Removal and disposal of industrial waste from Al-Zour complex. (Services) The Contractor shall collect, transport and treat the industrial waste (Hazardous and Non-hazardous solid and liquid waste) from Al-Zour Complex.
38 Maintenance and repair of M/s CEG AC & DC UPS (Services) OEM Contractor shall carry out all Maintenance and repair works related to CEG AC & DC UPS including required spares and deployment of Service Engineer.
39 Maintenance and repair of M/s AEG AC & DC UPS (Services) OEM Contractor shall carry out all Maintenance and repair works related to AEG AC & DC UPS including required spares and deployment of Service Engineer.
40 Maintenance and repair of M/s Borri AC & DC UPS (Services) OEM Contractor shall carry out all Maintenance and repair works related to Borri AC & DC UPS including required spares and deployment of Service Engineer.
41 GASOLINE - EPC Package 5011 OF PETROCHEMICAL REFINERY INTEGRATION AL-ZOUR PROJECT (PRIZe) (Works) Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Gasoline units inside the ZOR Refinery for producing Ethylene & Propylene, Total Cracked Naphtha (TCN), MTBE & Alkylate, Heart-cut naphtha, LCO and Slurry oil.
42 PETROCHEMICAL - EPC Package 5012 OF PETROCHEMICAL REFINERY INTEGRATION AL-ZOUR PROJECT (PRIZe) (Works) Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Aromatic and Olefins units adjacent to ZOR Refinery for producing non-aromatic raffinate, light naphtha, Xylene, Parex, Isomar, Tatoray, Sufolane, B/T Fractionation and Polypropylene.
43 MARINE - EPC Package 5013 OF PETROCHEMICAL REFINERY INTEGRATION AL-ZOUR PROJECT (PRIZe) (Works) The Marine and new container export facility comprises of Combined container import/export facility and liquids import/export facility approximately 2.2km offshore. The new facility comprises a container export quay, 3 liquids berths and a small boat harbor for support vessels. The onshore Pipelines consist of 2 nos. 24-inch buried subsea pipelines and associated onshore scraper launcher facilities. Pipeline length is circa 2.5km from shore to the combined export facility in a natural water depth of 15m. 3 nos. of onshore pipelines and associated scraper launcher facilities
44 Alternate 132KV Power Supply to ZOR MIS from Khairan z Substation (Works) Alternate 132KV Power Supply to ZOR MIS from Khairan z Substation
45 Alternate Feed Project for HPU (Works) Alternate Feed Project for HPU
46 Security Consultancy (Services) Security Consultancy - To carry out study for speed monitoring cameras, Risk assessment to assess KIPIC facilities and conduct GAP / SWAT analysis, Drone study, carry out CCTV study to identify technical specification for onshore and offshore and all complex buildings within KIPIC facilities. Offshore Security Specification and study, offshore coastal guards study, access existing security procedure & develop new security procedure for onshore and offshore refinery, LNGI and petrochemicals and security trainings
47 Security Consultancy (Services) Security Consultancy - Study and develop C4i minimum requirement specification and SOW readiness to issue tender, security maintenance contract, security service contract
48 Long Time Service Agreement for Industrial Hygine Services (Services) Long Time Service Agreement for Industrial Hygine Services for Al Zour Refinery and LNGI
49 Lead Detection and Repair ( LDAR ) Services (Services) Lead Detection and Repair ( LDAR ) Services for Al Zour Refinery and LNGI
50 Environmental Monitoring and Laboratory Services (Services) Environmental Monitoring and Laboratory Services Contract to carry out sampling and laboratory testing services at Al zour refinery, PRIZe and LNGI and all other associayed facilities.To provide Environmental Information Management System to help in effectively tracking and monitoring of emissions and effluents during operation and all phases
51 Integrated Oil Spill Response Contract (Services) Integrated Oil Spill Response Contract - The service contract includes responding to oil spills on land or beach or shallow water resulting from any spillage / leakage / discharges from company sites and other associated facilities.
52 Medical Equipment Maintenance and Calibration Services (Services) Medical Equipment Maintenance and Calibration Services
53 Bio-medical Waste Handling Service Contract (Services) Bio-medical Waste Handling Service Contract
54 HSE Consultancy Services (Services) HSE Consultancy Services
55 Emergency Management and Response Services (Services) Emergency Management and Response Services
56 Service Contract for Industrial Hygiene Equipment (Services) Service Contract for Industrial Hygiene Equipment
57 Computer Aided Dispatch for EDC - Emergency Dispatch Center (Services) KIPIC is intending to automate Aided Dispatch for EDC - Emergency Dispatch Center, is a method of dispatching taxicabs, couriers, field service technicians, mass transit vehicles or emergency services assisted by computer.
58 Services Occupational Medical & Industrial hygiene (Services) KIPIC is intending to automate its business operation of Occupational Health (including Primary Health) and Industrial Hygiene activities by implementing the software solution for the same.
59 Business Intelligent (BI) Dashboard by Power BI Microsoft (Services) KIPIC is intending to automate Business Intelligent (BI) Dashboard by Power BI Microsoft for human resources, finance and build key performance indicator ( KPI ) System to top Management
60 Mobile Device Management (MDM Solution) (Services) KIPIC is intending to automate Mobile Device Management (MDM Solution) by developing Mobile Application
61 Governance Risk Compliance (Automation of risk management & procedures) (Services) Cyber Risk Management & Reporting solution
62 ISO 27001 Certifications (Services) Certification
63 Integration Layer (Services) Integration solution
64 Mobile Security (Services) Mobile Cyber Security solution
65 Cyber Defense Center (Services) Cyber Security defense solution
66 Encryption Solutions (Services) Cyber Encryption solution
67 Cloud Security (Services) Cloud Cyber Security solution
68 Cyber Recovery (Services) Cyber Security recovery solution
69 Blockchain (Services) Blockchain solution for Cyber Security case
70 PAGA System OEM Service, Maintenance & Support (Services/ Procurement) Maintaining the PAGA system that will be provided in the Zour & LNGI Project. And fulfilling the future requirements.
71 PAGA Echo single (Services/ Procurement) installation of Echo single button paging cabinet for ZOR & LNGI Integration
72 PMRS TETRA Network OEM Service, Maintenance & Support (Services/ Procurement) Maintaining the PMRS system that will be provided in the Zour & LNGI Project. And fulfilling the future requirements.
73 Security Systems Service, Maintenance & Support (Services/ Procurement) Maintaining the Security system that will be provided in the Zour & LNGI Project. And fulfilling the future requirements.
74 Passive Network Service & Maintenance with manpower (Services/ Procurement) Providing passive network facilities (Network Cabling installation & FOC). And providing Manpower services.
75 CCTV Service, Maintenance & Support (Services/ Procurement) Supply, Installation & Maintain CCTV in Central Kitchen & Zour 6
76 P-CCTV For Refinery Areas (Services/ Procurement) Supply, Installation & Maintain Process CCTV inside refinery areas.
77 FMS (Facility Mng System) for Data Center and Telecom Rooms (Services ) Facility Management system for KIPIC Data Centers and Telecom Rooms
78 Hybrid Cloud Orchestrator and Backup Solution (Services) Backup and data protection system for KIPIC
79 Cloud Express Route  (Services) Private connection between KIPIC and Global Major Cloud providers data centers.  
80 Security Enhancement for KIPIC on-premise & cloud Infrastructure (Services/ Procurement) Systems to enhance KIPIC security for cloud and on premise
81 IT Specialist Contract (Services) Manpower contract for resident specialists
82 Provision of Managed Digital Service Desk (Services) Managed Service Desk
83 Provision of Managed Digital Service Desk and Leasing of Desktop Equipment and Peripherals (Services/ Procurement) Provision of Leasing Computing Equipment and Support Services
84 Manufacturing Execution System (MES)/Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) for KIPIC Refinery, LNGI & Petrochemical (Services) Production Operations Management
85 عقد عمالة الإعارة للوظائف الإستشارية (Services) توفير عدد من العمالة المعارة المتخصصة للشركة للوظائف الاستشارية
86 عقد عمالة الإعارة للوظائف الإدارية (Services) توفير عدد من العمالة المعارة المتخصصة للشركة للوظائف الإدارية
87 عقد توفير طلبات للتوظيف الخارجي (Services) توفير عدد من العمالة للوظائف المتخصصة عن طريق التوظيف المباشر
88 Consultancy Services for Digital Strategy Formulation in the K-Group Companies (Services) To ensure digital technologies are leverage digital platform to utilize latest technologies and better efficiencies in K-Companies transform the Organization into a digital business
89 Asset Investment Planning Solution (Services) AIP systems take data from EAM and APM systems on asset condition, failure forecasts, maintenance costs, criticality, budget and risks, and analyzes it to identify optimal investment plans, including asset upgrades, refurbishment, replacement or new infrastructure.
90 Digital Twins Solution (Services) Digital twins are a design pattern for a new class of enterprise software system that produces a digital proxy for a physical thing (object, person or process).
91 HSE Enterprise Solution (Services) Health, Safety, Environment (Including Dispatch System Solution)
92 Digital Forensic & Investigation (Services) KIPIC Environments & network Cyber Security forensics solution
93 Business Continuity (Services) Business Continuity & IT disaster recovery Solution

KIPIC was launched on May 1st 2017 and is responsible for operating and managing refining, liquefied natural gas, and petrochemicals activities of Al-Zour complex. This consists of a total of six Al-Zour locations

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